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Warona. 17 year old aspiring writer, hopeless dreamer. I hope you enjoy my work and babbling. // Currently working on my second novel, hopefully to be completed this summer. x /

April 20th
11:51 am

April 19th
12:19 am
Anonymous: Your writing is very beautiful and raw, very easy to feel. Please don't feel down on yourself because others might have refined their styles, your talent is real and clear to see, a beautiful diamond in the rough that will shine just as brightly as theirs with time!

I read this at midnight with a tired drowsy head but it really did put a huge grin on my face. I’m so touched, thank you. xx

April 18th
8:04 pm

Typewriter Poetry #623 by James Andrew Crosby

April 18th
4:24 pm


A demonstrator kissed a police officer during a protest in Susa, Italy, against a high-speed train line between Lyon, France, and Turin, Italy.
Marco Bertorello

April 18th
1:36 pm

April 18th
9:49 am

April 18th
9:04 am

April 17th
11:30 pm

April 17th
8:10 pm

1 year anniversary since novel #1!!

Oh my god, I completely forgot to mention this a few days back, but April 14th marks a year since I completed my very first novel.
I can still remember how intense it was, being challenged to write over 30,000 words in six days in order to submit it into a competition. I was drained and practically immobile after days of literally not moving from my computer, but in the end I did it, and it’s one of the proudest things I have ever done.

I proved to myself that I could complete anything if I kept going, as beforehand anything I tried to write always fell short.

I fortunately got short listed into the top 10 of the contest and my prize was getting my novel printed into a little paperback, and even though I didn’t win, I had never been happier with such a present; a glimpse into a possible future of publishing my own work.

I look back at that novel and I honestly cringe - it’s not something I’m proud of in hindsight in terms of literary execution, but I’m proud for the sole fact that I wrote it and I completed it, and I am telling you, the feeling of completing something so monumental will leave you with the best feeling.

A year on and my second novel is still in process, and in its early days too (due to lovely college exams taking over my life) but literally, I have it all prepared from start to finish - and I even have 2 more follow-ups in plan.

I’ve learnt so much about writing not just since my last novel but also since I began this blog. I can’t wait to see what the future holds, what I have left to give.

If you have a dream, just fucking go for it. No ifs, no buts. You could end up somewhere spectacular.

April 17th
9:22 am

April 16th
12:39 am

This is the best photo I could get of the view considering it’s almost 1 in the morning, and I had to stick my hand outside the window in darkness and pray to an almighty that I didn’t drop it

April 16th
12:32 am

There’s a full, bright moon directly in the sky outside my window and it’s so clear and everything is so silent and there are a few stars sprinkled around and the the silhouetted branches of a big naked tree across the street towers in front of the moon it’s all so serene I wish I could show you

April 15th
5:38 pm

April 15th
12:01 pm
Anonymous: you smell like a million roses, bathed in rock and roll, ours is the greatest love story ever told

I’m wondering if those are song lyrics or something aha

April 15th
9:22 am
e-s-telle: Thank you for your wonderful quotes :)

Thank YOU for taking time to read them! x