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Warona. 17 year old aspiring writer, hopeless dreamer. I hope you enjoy my work and babbling. // Currently working on my second novel, hopefully to be completed this summer. x /

April 23rd
11:14 pm

April 23rd
8:56 pm

It’s hilarious on here because I tend to gain a load of followers when I’m inactive for a couple of days so when I begin to blog, I lose a few because I wasn’t up the newbies’ expectations lol

April 23rd
8:38 pm

Writing Help

Recently I’ve taken a break from writing not only to study, but try and refine my writing skill. My absence is due to the homework I’ve been doing on how to improve as a writer, but more at novels than poetry. Here are some good blogs I’ve been feeding information from:

There are obviously tonnes more writing help blogs out there and if you see other blogs they reblog from, you’ll have a handful in no time. 

I tend to reblog these tips and references on my personal diary blog, and I make sure to actually read what I’m reblogging, because I know I could end up reblogging great tips and never reading them. If it helps, you can favourite the best refs if you’ll need them specifically for certain projects. That’s what I’m beginning to do with my novel!

-Warona xx

April 23rd
8:23 pm

April 23rd
6:38 pm

April 23rd
9:40 am

April 23rd
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April 23rd
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April 22nd
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April 21st
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April 21st
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April 19th
12:19 am
Anonymous: Your writing is very beautiful and raw, very easy to feel. Please don't feel down on yourself because others might have refined their styles, your talent is real and clear to see, a beautiful diamond in the rough that will shine just as brightly as theirs with time!

I read this at midnight with a tired drowsy head but it really did put a huge grin on my face. I’m so touched, thank you. xx

April 18th
8:04 pm

Typewriter Poetry #623 by James Andrew Crosby

April 18th
1:36 pm

April 17th
11:30 pm